I bought these for my husband to have some fun. He liked them and said they made him “fuller” in his penis. I noticed better blood flow and more sex drive.


Man this product is amazing. Kept me going for hours, way longer than anything me and her have done. Finished and kept going !! Amazing product


It’s official I swear if this don’t get you ROCK solid then NOTHING will! Just tastes horrible besides that it works! 💯

Gregory Lee smith

Bruh!! 4 hours!! Bruh 4 hours of hard hard like i tried bc reviews said it didn’t work man i was up with a 4 hour erection! Like if you’re not going taking someone to pound town i say do no not take this!

Bryan Naidu

The only draw side to this, is that it leaves a slight headache if you don’t drink enough water. Other than that, this is my 2nd box. It literally gets you going till then next morning. I would definitely stock up on these again.

Maxwell MixiM

The best! No heart attack feeling and if I need my pocket monster to calm down, I can still relax it. I had a heart attack about a year ago so this has been the best option ta spice things up without exploding blood.

Edwin Herrera

To be honest I was a bit skeptical. I have only tried one and it did seem to work pretty well. Its no miracle potion but it does seem to work. The taste is pretty bad but drink a couple glasses of water and you will be fine.


Let me just say!!! This right here is better than anything I’ve ever tried!!! Better than viagra. Better than the rhino (waved tried a few colors) I will buy nothing else but this honey right here!!!!

Beverly Dawkins

Everyone this product is nothing but the truth. It turn my husband from a 350 small block until 480 big block. Ladies if you think I’m playing order some, you’ll get your money worth promise. Grrrreatttt.

Rodney Francis

I boughtbtjos product from other sellers as well. This product works great. You only need to take half a dose.a whole dose gives headaches. Excellent product.

Brian Miller

This stuff is awesome. But this shipment came damaged and a couple of the packets were busted and no card like my other box, I used it for reference.